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History of Frister & Rossmann Sewing Machine Company

Frister & Rossmann was established in 1864 close to Berlin. In the 1880’s the Company was awarded Medals at various International Exhibitions including Sydney, Crystal Palace, Amsterdam , London, Edinburgh, Adalaide, Melbourne, and Berlin.

Frister & Rossmann became Germany’s largest sewing machine manufacturer a position it held until 1902. In 1925 the Company was taken over by Gritzner who continued to produce machines under the Frister and Rossmann name.

The Company started exporting sewing machines to England circa 1870 appointing an Agent in London to act as Wholesaler. However it wasn’t until Hermann Loog took over the Agency from I. Nasch in 1876 that sales started to improve. Loog remained the Company’s Agent until c1890, he was replaced by S. Loewe By Nov 1890 to c1898, followed by W. Pierssene c1899 to 1914 and finally O. Quitmann c1920 onwards. In addition to these Agents Frister and Rossmann sewing machines were also sold by “leading Drapers and Stores”, one such store was Harrods.